Collaborative Spatial Planning

The geospatial collaboration  platform that consolidates planning documents, data-driven analyses and participation results in one place. 

  • base layers and use analysis
  • collaborative tools
  • no IT installation
  • independent of administrative borders


Base Layers on Demand

Planning-specific base layers and visual analysis for a multi-dimensional first assessment. 

All in one Place

Analyses, sketches and plans available to view, comment and edit for all stakeholders.

Understand how places work and verify planning projects with data-driven analyses 


Participation included

Integration with participation platforms to make insights from participation processes and civic concerns directly available in the urban planning process.

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Independent of administrative borders and existing IT infrastructure. Available everywhere, without installation. 


QGIS plugin 

Publish your maps and analysis on Dufour directly with our QGIS plugin. 

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Georeferenced comments 

Add qualitative insights and picture-based notes and store them on a map. 

WMS integration

Easy integration of existing web-based map publication services.

Open formats

Download high resolution PNGs for your presentations or GeoJSONs that allow you further editing in any GIS application. 


Embed maps on any website vis IFrame


Hosted in Swiss Datacenter, optionally dedicated instances

WMS integration

Easy integration of existing web-based map publication services.

Sustainable hosting & open source software

Carbon-zero hosting in the Swiss Alps with 99.99% water energy. 100% Open Source Software.

Our clients

"Dufour is very easy to use and I can order all required context-analysis for my planning project without commissioning a study."

Data partners

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A simple way to get started for communities and citizens


/Workspace per Monat

1 PUBLIC workspace

100 credits

Cloud hosting


Secure workspace for planning projects

CHF 200

/Workspace per Month

1 PRIVATE workspace

200 credits per month

Cloud hosting


Unlimited access for planing offices and government


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Unlimited Workspaces

Unlimited Baselayers

Private hosting

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